14 February 2010

J Dilla Donuts - Turn It Up! Poster 2

J Dilla- Jay Dee Turn It Up! 3D Donuts Poster

A5 Notebook

A5 Book

Scans from 80 page sketch/idea book with laser cut cover. Images and photos on photoshop, others fine line, pencil and marker.

Japanese Prints Project - Influenced Brand

Japanese Influenced Branding Project

Japanese prints project... I developed a brand called 'jrop' which sells t-shirts for women which included designing a logo, tags, t-shirts, poster, animation and flickbook aswell as research on a Japanese print maker and a designer. I animated the 'Great Wave' painting by Hokusai for the animation aswell as the flickbook, trying to use influence from traditional Japanese prints in a subtle way.

Design Exhibition

Design Invitation Flyer

Experimenting with blend modes after pencil and paper ideas, four tries before finding a result I actually liked (above left)

Mix Kingdom Banner

Mix Kingdom

Banner made for Mix Kingdom

Black and White Stencil

Japanese Project - A1 Stencil

A1'ish Stencil

Universal Heat Compilation Cover

Universal Heat

23 January 2010

Sharmila Tagore Black on White Stencil

Yikil Karsimdan

A1 stencil / bad quality camera / black on white




Movie Stills.
Bumpin' groups and discovering artists such as Funkapolitan, Hi-Tension, Atmosfear, Freeez, Midnight Express, Pyramid Plus, Zapp and Roger, Prophet, Rick James, T.S Monk, Hamilton Bohannon, Prince, Andy Nelson, The Rah Band, The Whispers, Shalimar, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Patrice Rushen, Cliff Dawson, Don Blackman, ESG, Loose Ends, Alicia Myers, Slave, Heatwave, The Iz Army, Hi-Tension and of course DâM-FunK, James Pants and Nite Jewel!